Codename: Aconite Novel by ADB_Stories

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Codename: Aconite Novel Summary.

Being the daughter of a mafia boss and an assassin has led to an interesting life for Dasha Hatzis.

The blood and knowledge of the women who came before her, taught her that if she’s going to be the only woman in a room full of men, to make sure she’s the deadliest thing in that room.

After finishing up a contract that ended with surprising results, she thinks that’s the end of the matter. But what happens when her prey suddenly becomes her ally?

Dasha finds herself teaming up with an unlikely partner as they attempt to stop a plot that has assassins unknowingly targeting other assassins.

Tension and attractions rise, friends become enemies, and everything will be put on the line as Dasha fights to stay alive and secure her legacy as the infamous assassin known as Aconite.

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Codename: Aconite is the second book in the Codename trilogy and acts as a prequel to book 1. It can be read as a standalone book.

Codename: Aconite Novel by ADB_Stories
Codename: Aconite Novel by ADB_Stories

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