Conquer the Ninja World by Akito Takahashi

Conquer the Ninja World by Akito Takahashi follows the story of a college student named Jonathan Yuan who. 

Summary of Conquer the Ninja World 

After a night of light drinking, he awakens in Naruto’s world. However, unlike most people, Jonathan is unhappy in this world and despises both the story and its characters. He quickly realizes that he must defeat the ninja world in order to return to his own. 

Jonathan must navigate a world filled with ninjas capable of harnessing spiritual and physical energy to perform supernatural feats in the story, which is peppered with references from the Christian Holy Bible.

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Conquer the Ninja World by Akito Takahashi
Conquer the Ninja World by Akito Takahashi

Jonathan sets out on a journey to gain power and strength as the story progresses. He meets other people who have been transported to the world of the ninjas and forms alliances with some of them. They embark on various missions, face off against formidable foes, and even face off against the original Naruto characters.

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This is a fun read for Naruto fans looking for a different perspective on the ninja world. With 120 chapters, readers will have plenty of material to keep them interested in Jonathan’s quest.

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  1. Definitely one of the best fictional novels written. Author does a great job jotting down his imagination on paper. An underrated work for sure!


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