Counterfeit Hero by 72 Bian

Counterfeit Hero by 72 Bian is a military and war novel with a unique perspective on the role of a battle mecha engineer. 

Summary of Counterfeit Hero 

The protagonist is a cowardly, wretched, and despicable fatty who excels in human psychology, deceit, assassination, and disguise. Despite his lack of courage, he is incredibly skilled in these areas and has merged with various professions in the military, including battle mecha engineering, piloting, special scouts, and military strategy.

The protagonist of the story must find his way past numerous obstacles and adversaries during a time of war. 

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Counterfeit Hero by 72 Bian
Counterfeit Hero by 72 Bian

As a member of the special scouts, he uses his exceptional unarmed fighting abilities to subdue the opposition, and as a military officer, he develops clever plans to outwit the opposition using miraculous maneuvers.

With a focus on the psychology and tactics of warfare, the book offers a fresh perspective on military genres. The protagonist uses his assassination and deception skills to advance his team’s cause and adds intrigue to the narrative. With lots of suspense and action to keep readers interested, the book is well-written and compelling.

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Counterfeit Hero is a thrilling and unique read for fans of military and war novels.

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