Crazy Detective by Kuang Hai Wang Hu

Crazy Detective by Kuang Hai Wang Hu is an enthralling web novel that follows the journey of a rogue who time-travels to a parallel universe and becomes a detective.


Summary of Crazy Detective by Kuang Hai Wang Hu

The plot follows the protagonist’s transformation from a reckless and impulsive ruffian to a seasoned detective, aided by a strange miracle system that assists him in solving mysterious cases.

The protagonist, a member of the Key Case Investigation Team, causes chaos in the police station with his unconventional methods of solving cases. However, his unconventional approach to crime solving, combined with his natural instinct and sharp wit, makes him one of the team’s most talented detectives.

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Crazy Detective by Kuang Hai Wang Hu
Crazy Detective by Kuang Hai Wang Hu

Throughout the novel, the protagonist encounters numerous challenges, including a mysterious organization that threatens to destroy the city. However, with his determination and the help of his colleagues, he manages to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

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The author does an excellent job of blending humor, action, and suspense, making the novel an enjoyable read. The character development is also impressive, as the protagonist transforms from a reckless ruffian to a responsible and respected detective. Crazy Detective is a fantastic web novel that combines elements of humor, action, and suspense to create an entertaining story.

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