Cry Please, I Beg You Novel by Brenda Salazar

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Cry Please, I Beg You by Brenda Salazar.

Cry Please, I Beg You Novel Summary.

Lucas, a man bred to command and to go over the heads of others. He doesn’t know what a kiss is, a caress, much less a loving word.

His cold parents guided him to become one of the biggest mafia leaders in his country. By chance, he meets the only person capable of bringing a little warmth to his cold and bleak existence.

She must “adapt” to living a life by his side, which makes her constantly go through circumstances that are very difficult for many people.

But that she, with a big smile, always does the impossible for him. It makes him develop a terror of loneliness and coldness to which he was accustomed before meeting her.

Deriving in many bad decisions that will not only end up driving her away from him. But also, developing fear, horror, aversion and even disgust towards him.

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Will Lucas be able to pick up the pieces of her delicate and shattered heart? While Ximena, for her part, changes completely to become a shark among sharks.

Cry Please, I Beg You Novel by Brenda Salazar
Cry Please, I Beg You Novel by Brenda Salazar

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