Cultivation God – My Harem Novel

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Cultivation God -My Harem Novel Summary

Given a second chance by been transmigrated into a different universe; one which his every dream could be accomplished there, with a system. Nate adventures and struggles in every way possible to get strong and protect those he cared for in this new world. Driven by the desire for more power, he puts himself in every life and death battle just to improve himself…. toughening his will and challenging destiny.

A young man who was slaying his enemies, causing massacre on the battleground heard the sound. Lifting his head, he stared at the distant figure.

“What the……”, opening the mouth wide, he stared at the creature moving in his direction.“I’m doomed…” he said, but not losing his will.

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Standing on the battlefield, Nates black cloak was covered in blood with cuts all over,his blue eyes expressing helplessness and exhaustion with his long black hair fluttering through the wind waves adding to his handsome charming features, he was like a devil from the abyss.

Cultivation God - My Harem Novel
Cultivation God – My Harem Novel

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