Cultivation Online Novel by MyLittleBrother

Read Cultivation Online Novel by MyLittleBrother; it is a good novel with 30.7 million reads.

Cultivation Online Novel Summary

Yuan was born with a crippling disease that rendered everything below his head worthless and caused him to go blind at a young age. His parents soon gave up on him because they believed he was hopeless and unredeemable, and everyone else disregarded him.

Cultivation Online by MyLittleBrother
Cultivation Online by MyLittleBrother

His younger sister became his only reason for existing in this silent, dark world.

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Watch as this young guy strives to attain the pinnacle of intellect in the newest VRMMORPG, Cultivation Online, and establishes himself as a legendary character in both.

Read Cultivation Online by MyLittleBrother

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