Dangerous Heartbeats Novel by therealessylove

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Dangerous Heartbeats Novel Summary.

When Valerie McCoy reappeared under the guise of Skylar De Novo, she had only one thing on her mind.

Revenge. And when she sets her mind to something, she accomplishes it.   But that might be a little too difficult when a certain blue-eyed, gorgeous Billionaire is involved. Alfredo Miller.

The Genesis of her problems. The number one on her revenge list.   With secrets to keep, mysteries to unravel, a broken heart to mend, scars to heal, and revenge to be exacted,

How long does it take until their past traps them? And how long until Skylar realizes that revenge is not what she really wants?.

Dangerous Heartbeats Novel by therealessylove
Dangerous Heartbeats Novel by therealessylove

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