Dawn of the Vampires Novel by TwilightAngel20

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Dawn of the Vampires Novel Summary.

Growing up in a family of hunters, slaying vampires at nightfall is the only life that Harley Lawrence knows.

She can’t help but wish for more ever since her mom died though. One night, while on patrol, she notices that the streets of New York are as dead as a doornail.

Whilst searching the old cemetery, she comes face to face with a vampire with some interesting information. After hearing him out,

Harley decides that he cannot be trusted and leaves. On her walk home, she is confronted by a group of vampires from a clan that her family have been at war with for centuries,

and being severely outnumbered she falls into a losing battle, until the mystery vampire from the cemetery shows up, ultimately saving her life.

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This experience causes Harley to question everything that she has ever been taught by her father and spending even more time with the mystery vampire,

her feelings begin to change and she finds herself doing something that she has never done before; fall in love. As the war around them wages on,

they struggle to find a safe space where they will not be punished for their feelings. Can Harley find a way to have the best of both worlds, or is hunting vampires her only purpose?

Dawn of the Vampires Novel by TwilightAngel20
Dawn of the Vampires Novel by TwilightAngel20

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