Dear Stepbrother, I Want You Novel by Lovie_x

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Dear Stepbrother, I Want You Novel Summary.

“Genie” His voice was barely a whisper, his breath warm against the shell of my ear. “This is so wrong, we can’t be doing this.”

His lips find their way back to mine, trailing the bottom lip with his tongue. “So so wrong” He pulled my lower lips in, biting on them. I stifled a moan.

“I know,” I managed to say. I could feel the warm slickness ache between my legs. “We shouldn’t be doing this.

You’re my step brother.” My body doesn’t agree with what my mouth is saying. I snuggled closer into his chest wanting to feel the heat of his bare body against mine.

I want his mouth against mine, ravaging me like he had done before. We have gone too far to back out now. “Take me, Ryder” Those were the words he needed.

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Only those three words. Suddenly, he grips the back of my thighs and lifts me up, forcing my legs to wrap around him.

Planting me against the wall, he peers up and look straight into my eyes “You’re mine” Then his lips came down on mine. I’m yours. I whispered back in the back of my head.

Ryder Saint, for years, has bullied me. Reasons? None. It was like he signed a contract from heaven to make my life hell. From the moment he set his eyes on me, he added my name to his list.

Don’t be fooled by his last name. It’s a charade, he’s not anything like it. Everything about Ryder Saint smells evil. His heart, dark. His soul, dark. His aura, dark.

Except his face. I should have neglected him like I always have, but I couldn’t when our parents decided to tie the knots and he became my stepbrother.

He and I, under the same roof. Now, he’ll be doing more than tormenting my life.

Dear Stepbrother, I Want You Novel by Lovie_x
Dear Stepbrother, I Want You Novel by Lovie_x

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