Definitely not the Summon Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Definitely not the Summon Novel.

Definitely not the Summon Novel Summary

Ayato Mizuto was brought into a world by sheer coincidence and had no idea what was going on when he first arrived.

Originally coming from a world in the modern age he had felt like he was brought into a world of dragons and magic.

something out of one of the books he read in his free time, but what if you had been brought into a world without any real reason?

if you aren’t the hero of this world, what should you do?

Yeah that was clearly the case when I saw what was going on here. The hero of the journey was this mysterious guy with long red hair that went past his shoulders, green eyes, and he even had the armor already!

that’s definitely the guy!

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“Can you stop staring already?” a woman asks politely.

“Sure. Sorry for staring.” Ayato responds before walking away.

An interesting world awaits I guess.

Definitely not the Summon Novel
Definitely not the Summon Novel

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