Demon Sword: The Strongest Samurai by  Umam Young

Swordsmanship was highly valued throughout the imperial age; individuals who possessed it would rise to become legendary figures to be adored and feared.


At a very young age, “Kanaga Yashu” gained a reputation as a skilled swordsman. His black blade alone had a blood-shedding capacity of millions of liters. He is also renowned for wielding a demon sword.

He always performed every important task flawlessly, and the empire even made him one of the generals in recognition of his outstanding performance.

But Yashu and all of his soldiers were pronounced killed in a significant battle that took place on the southern continent. Yes, that was almost entirely accurate, yet he was still alive, only by himself, whilst his 5,000 top soldiers had perished from poisoning.

Demon Sword: The Strongest Samurai by  Umam Youngq
Demon Sword: The Strongest Samurai by  Umam Young

After three years, Yashu returned to his tribe, but his drastically altered appearance made him impossible for anybody to recognize, and he was even always shunned and detested.

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Yashu accepts everything within reason; he doesn’t want anybody to know his true identity because his only motivation is to exact retribution and become the world’s most powerful samurai.

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