Demon’s Obsession Novel by Isabella Moona

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Demon’s Obsession Novel Summary.

He is alive, he is awakened, finally awakened after 999 years. Now obsessed with a high school girl, bent on protecting her until his last breath.

Nadian, a nine hundred and ninety nine years old awakened demon, an awakened ancient monster, ready to do anything to protect his love,

especially protecting her from the devil’s trap. Arietta, a middle-class, average high school student. Ugly to others who makes an encounter of her,

beautiful to the sudden Awakened Demon who seem to be obsessed with her. What happens when the feared came to pass,

and Nadian had to do his best to protect her. This little fragile human. “So, when are you planning to leave,” “I am not planning for that anytime soon,”

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“What?” He smiled at the shocked girl. “I will be there to protect you. I can’t allow anyone to hurt you.

Even it’s impossible for anyone to hurt you, who would wanna die?” He chuckled with a smirk. “You are kidding right?” “Fortunately, I am not,”.

Demon's Obsession Novel by Isabella Moona
Demon’s Obsession Novel by Isabella moona

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