Descent Of The Condemned Novel

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Descent Of The Condemned Novel Summary

Hi everyone.

If you are bored, I invite you to the amazing adventure of a young man Ramiel, who was betrayed by his comrades (I know very original.) At first, it may seem boring and full of well-known patterns, but trust me I have many cool ideas for the future. On a lighter note, it is worth mentioning that this is an R-18 novel with a lot of this kind of stuff. Cultural people will certainly understand.

The real story begins after the first few chapters and will consist of the management and development of the dungeon. You won’t find a system here that will hand everything on a golden platter to the main character.

If you think that women will be useless here, you are sorely mistaken. Each of them will be a huge help to the main character, and not just an unnecessary addition.

Descent Of The Condemned Novel

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