Deviant: No Longer Human Novel

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Deviant: No Longer Human Novel Summary

Synopsis: In a world where conformity reigns supreme, individuals who deviate from the norm have been labeled as “Deviants” for centuries.

Wang Xiao, a young man with a rare genetic condition that gave him blood-red eyes, was no stranger to this stigma.

Branded as a “Demon” by those around him, he grew up feeling like an outsider.

One day, Xinyue Zhilan, Wang Xiao’s mother, approached him with trembling concern. Her eyes welled up with tears as she desperately sought answers. “Xiao Wang, if mother were to face the inevitable one day, would you even care? Do you truly hold any love for your mother?”

Wang Xiao meets her gaze, his steady eyes reflecting a faint smile. “What do you think, Mother?” he softly replies, his words carrying an unspoken weight that transcends a thousand sentences.

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In that vulnerable moment, Xinyue Zhilan’s hope shatters like fragile glass. She realizes that her son is fundamentally different, forever out of reach. Her heart sinks as she internalizes the painful truth: there is little if anything, she can do to sway his immutable resolve.

Wang Jiahao, Wang Xiao’s father, approached him with a worried expression etched upon his face. “Xiao Wang, why won’t you join us here with everyone? Do you not enjoy our company?”

Wang Xiao responded with an icy tone, sending a wave of silence through the room. “No, I simply don’t like you.” With those cutting words, he retreated to his room, shutting the door tightly and sealing off his heart from any further connection.

However, everything changed when Wang Xiao stumbled upon a mysterious village filled with individuals who possess the power of Psychokinesis.

In a twist of fate, Wang Xiao unintentionally binds himself to a devil from hell, granting him unimaginable powers.

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Now, as a Deviant, how will he reshape the world with these newfound abilities?

Deviant: No Longer Human Novel
Deviant: No Longer Human Novel

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