Devil’s Cry Novel

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Devil’s Cry Novel Summary

He was summoned to another world, but he was the only one who did not receive the blessings of the Goddess. He knew if he could not be blessed with supernatural powers, his new life would be worse, and he already envisioned himself to be a slave or die in a famine. Hence, he pleaded.

The Goddess refused. He kneeled, he pleaded, and he cried. He was rejected. When he felt he lose hope… A Devil had shown him the way. From then on, he changed. It all started when a Devil cried on his behalf.

“What are these chains inside my body?” Lucas asked himself. “Why did she become a demon, and I gained powers after she tore one of them?” Lucas wondered as she glanced at Lilith. Lucas then counted the chains surrounding his soul. “And why are there seven of them?”

Devil's Cry Novel
Devil’s Cry Novel

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