Dominant Culprit Novel by White _ Raven

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Dominant Culprit by White _ Raven.

Dominant Culprit Novel Summary.

Claire was adopted by Lorenzo when she was five and was rescued in a fire accident, she is then trained to become a field agent,

with a mentality to win by all cause, she is then offered a mouth-watering mission to nail a secret drug dealer disguised as a regular businessman.

She does anything to ace it which leads her to play the role of a desperate young lady, begging for love, and deciding to get into a contract relationship of being a girlfriend for a certain amount of time.

All these were facades of being in love at first sight, but everything changed when she finds out, the man she was just about to pin down was the reason she was saved and still alive…how?.

Dominant Culprit Novel by White _ Raven
Dominant Culprit Novel by White _ Raven

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