Don’t Mess With The Rock Chicks Novel by Everleigh Miles

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Don’t Mess With The Rock Chicks Novel Summary.

Don’t Mess With The Rock Chicks Two Way Street, Book One “But Owen. You can’t just quit your job, sell your house, and run away with a band.

People just… don’t do that.” When her childhood sweetheart Owen breaks off their engagement, quits his job and sells his house in order to pursue a career as the lead guitarist of a band, Emily’s world comes crashing down around her.

Owen was, after all, her best friend and always had been. They had grown up next-door neighbours, gone to the same school, the same university. They had even bought houses next to each other.

They had been each other’s first for everything. Absolutely everything. There had never been anyone else, not even for a moment. Just as Emily begins to find her feet again and form her own plans, Owen’s backup singer calls in sick, and Emily steps in to save the day.

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Soon she finds herself swept up in a crazy ride to the top of the music industry which might just save her relationship with Owen… or end it completely. Vice and Victor, Book Two Vice and Victor have a plan.

Five years in the spotlight to make their fortune, then move into the background, with their own record label. Fast and smart is their motto. Romance will have to wait, especially since their idea of an ideal romance, involves both of them and one woman.

When their manager, Aaron, asks them to collaborate with a chart-topping popstar who wants to gravitate into rock, they are dubious. A frequent flyer in the gossip columns over the last twelve months with a history of drug and alcohol problems, they fear she will be difficult and volatile to work with.

After being roofied by her music producer, Mirage has learnt the hard way that it is not an equal world. Without proof, she cannot pursue legal recourse, and she is locked into completing another album with her rapist.


Meanwhile, Mr Rich has been feeding the industry lies about her having dependency on alcohol and drugs, and the gossip mags have seized upon the stories, slowly tearing her professional reputation into pieces.

But Mirage is not a fragile damsel in distress, she is a pop-rock chick, and she is fighting back. Raven’s Luck, Book Three “I fix things that need fixing. And you, Raven, are broken.”

When his best friends Vice and Victor ask Raven, a PI, to investigate Gregory Holmsworth, the estranged grandfather of Vice and Victor’s girlfriend, Mirage, Raven is drawn into the underworld of the music industry.

Although on the surface Gregory Holmsworth’s business seems legit, his path has not always been on the right side of the law. When Raven’s investigation is noticed, Gregory sets Vixen to distract him.

Vixen is Gregory’s Fixer, a role which is wide and varied in activity, but for Vixen, mainly involves the music side of his business, as Vixen is the lead singer of a punk band just breaking into the industry.

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Whilst Raven has been looking into Gregory, Vixen has been looking into Raven, and she sends him an invitation to meet with her, luring him with the promise of a way into Gregory’s business and secrets. But Vixen has other plans for Raven.

She likes pretty boys, and broken things, and she has decided that Raven fits both descriptions to a tee. All three books in one place! One thing is clear: Don’t Mess With The Rock Chicks.

Don't Mess With The Rock Chicks Novel by Everleigh Miles
Don’t Mess With The Rock Chicks Novel by Everleigh Miles

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