Dungeon WAR 

What would you do if you had the capacity for creation at your fingertips?


You can summon legions of armies that are ready to carry out your instructions with a wave. The terrain trembles and shifts to your desires when you stamp your feet. Everybody will bow their heads and wait for your command upon your command.

Dungeon WAR
Dungeon WAR

Although I am unsure of what you would do, I am confident in my own actions.

Despite the fact that I lack hands, I can build a civilization with the wave of a tentacle.

Despite the fact that I lack feet, the universe trembles when I flip my body over.

I have hundreds of soldiers ready to assault the next globe even though I have neither a tongue nor a voice.

Even if I do not want a battle, you always try to make me. I can offer you wealth that will make you blind. You seem to have forgotten that I am the universe’s most dreadful being. The celestial, the architect of civilizations, before the gods!

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I’m a prison!

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