Entangled To The CEO Novel by JusticeFaruck

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Entangled To The CEO Novel Summary.

After losing his wife on foreign soil without warning, Major Jake Middleton is left to raise their son alone. He’s put on a brave face for his child, but the pain of his loss lingers every day.

Now out of the military and running a successful company, Jake is surprised to find himself drawn to his stubborn and sexy secretary, Kristen.

Jake never thought he would want another woman after his wife’s passing, but Kristen has him questioning everything.

He’s torn between the idea that she could be his salvation or that he’s a fool for even considering it. As Jake navigates the complexities of his grief and his growing feelings for Kristen,

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he must also confront the challenges of running a business and being a single parent. Will he be able to find love again, or is he destined to be alone? And will Kristen be the one to help him heal and move forward?

“Entangled To The CEO” is a heart-wrenching and steamy romance that explores the depths of grief and the power of love to heal even the most broken of hearts.

Entangled To The CEO Novel by JusticeFaruck
Entangled To The CEO Novel by JusticeFaruck

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