Falling for a John Novel by HanniJang

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Falling for a John Novel Summary.

Ashton Johnson is a formidable presence, a person who refuses to be controlled. With a strong will, unwavering resilience, and complete accountability,

this twenty-two-year-old billionaire alpha male navigates his extraordinary life with ease. Every day brings a flurry of adoring fans, transforming a simple lunch into a chaotic spectacle.

By afternoon, his face is plastered all over the internet, capturing the attention of millions. From the moment he was born, Ashton’s life was destined for fame and recognition, thanks to his prominent family.

He is the epitome of American royalty, carrying the weight of his lineage on his shoulders. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned a new bodyguard, someone who will be with him around the clock.

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This is when Ashton comes face-to-face with his worst fear: being paired with a tattooed, MMA-trained professional who is notorious for disregarding rules within the security team.

As if that weren’t complicated enough, this bodyguard also happens to fulfill one-third of Ashton’s deepest sexual desires. Lennox Burke, twenty-seven years old, has a singular duty: to protect Ashton Johnson at all costs.

Anything beyond the realm of strict professionalism, such as flirting, dating, or engaging in intimate encounters, is strictly forbidden and could lead to Lennox’s termination.

However, when unexpected emotions begin to surface, the task of safeguarding this stubbornly alluring celebrity becomes increasingly complex for Lennox. As their paths intertwine,

the boundaries that separate them start to blur, and the consequences of their growing connection could be catastrophic for both of them. The risk of exposure looms large, threatening to upend their lives in unimaginable ways.

Falling for a John Novel by HanniJang
Falling for a John Novel by HanniJang

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