Fascinated Novel by Galen Yana

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Fascinated Novel Summary.

“I thought you really liked me.” She whispered with moist hazel eyes and despair. His heart spasmed at the view, seeing how hurt she is.

For a moment or two his steal gray eyes filled with solicitude for her which he immediately brushed off as his ego and self-esteem overpowered his mind.

He chuckled softly taking slow predatory steps towards her. “Oh darling! I never thought you to be this immature. I just manipulated you to think that way.

Only thing I feel for you is lust and vengeance.” With smirk on his face he approached her slowly yet in long strides. She stepped back with fear written all over her face till her back hit the wall.

Fascinated Novel by Galen Yana
Fascinated Novel by Galen Yana

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