Fated to a Human Novel by Hiraya Cross

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Fated to a Human Novel Summary.

The day Caleb found his mate, he also watched her die. There was nothing he could do in the chaos that ensued. His brother, the next Alpha of their wolf pack, has his own priorities.

Still, he’s torn between blaming him or forgiving him. He left and decided to live away from them as he mourns.

He’d been looking forward to meeting his mate and enjoying life with her, but it won’t happen now. Or so he thought. He chose living a difficult life.

He lived among humans. One night, she stumbled into the store he’s working at. Her scent caught him off-guard. She grabbed his arm as she asked for help, some bastard has been stalking her.

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His need to protect her rose to the fore and he did what he needed to do. Meeting her then, how is he supposed to proceed?

Fated to a Human Novel by Hiraya Cross
Fated to a Human Novel by Hiraya Cross

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