Fifteen Realm of Doom Novel

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Fifteen Realm of Doom Novel Summary

As Qi Wei locked up his apartment for the final time, he wasn’t just shutting a door; he was attempting to seal away the pain of a love that had soured. Next on his journey? Guiwei town, a destination for those seeking to vanish from the world’s gaze. At 3 A.M., the weight of his losses pressed down on Qi Wei, leaving him feeling crushed beneath their burden. Moving forward felt insufferable; disappearing seemed to be an easier option.

Yet, fate had other plans in store. At the deserted bus stop, in the dead of night, Qi Wei encountered Lai Yuan—a chance meeting that would irrevocably alter his course. Suddenly, what had seemed like a hopeless existence transformed into a whirlwind of unpredictability.

They say that holding hands with your beloved can infuse even the journey of death with a semblance of happiness. And as Qi Wei embarked on this unexpected ride with Lai Yuan, he discovered that amidst the darkness, there was still light to be found in the touch of another’s hand. Maybe life is worth living after all.

Fifteen Realm of Doom Novel
Fifteen Realm of Doom Novel

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