Finding Stardust Novel by Missrealitybites

Finding Stardust novel” by Missrealitybites is available for free. It is a really good novel which currently has 2.3 million reads.

Finding Stardust Novel Summary

“A man should have a bucket list, don’t you think? It’d be nice to see 24 sunsets with you one day.” – Haoran Lee

“Do you want to see how I would light up the sky for you?” – Crown Prince Therius

“I will be there till the stars don’t shine.” – Xion Draconi, the Time Master.

All Emma wanted in life was to meet her family. Who would have thought she had to travel through space and time to find them?

Emma Stardust, who was abandoned in front of an orphanage in Paris when she was four years old, turns out to be the daughter of a runaway princess and a formidable general from Planet Akkadia. Her parents left her behind to save her from the pursuit of the Akkadian royal family.

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Thirteen years later, the secret to her past was uncovered when she suddenly woke up at the top of the Eiffel Tower and realized that she could control fire, wind, and various other elements.

And the Crown Prince of Akkadia wanted Emma to become his wife? What happened to Emma’s parents? Can Emma accept the prince’s love? Will her powers bring her companies … or enemies?

Follow Emma’s journey as she unravels the mystery surrounding her past and her future, and finds true love in the process.

If you like a strong female lead, space, doting male leads, astronomy, magic, science, and slice-of-life. You will be spoiled by this book!

** This novel has several male leads and they will shine in their own time. It has 2 stories and they are completed.

*** WARNING: This book deals with very mature topics and plenty of triggering content like tragedy, violence, subtle abuse and is written very close to real-life situations. If you only want sweet stuff to read, please look for other books.

Finding Stardust by Missrealitybites
Finding Stardust by Missrealitybites

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