Forced Love Novel by Authoress Toyo

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Forced Love by Authoress Toyo.

Forced Love Novel Summary.

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to wake up one morning, receiving the worst news of your life, that you’re getting married to your worst enemy at school?

I know it would be your greatest nightmare, well that the case of Henry the most popular kid in Lavender High School and Cassie a newbie.

These two find it difficult to spend a minute together without picking up a fight, but to bad the two enemies have to get married to seal up a business contract between their families.

Find out in this intriguing story full of love, lust and betrayal, how the worst enemies become an inseparable couple.

Forced Love Novel by Authoress Toyo
Forced Love Novel by Authoress Toyo

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