Fourteen Days To Forever Novel by Addie Bell

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Fourteen Days To Forever by Addie Bell.

Fourteen Days To Forever Novel Summary.

Millan was kicked out of his pack. Now living as a rogue, all he had ever known is rejection and cruelty.

One day, he stumbles upon the Blayne Pack, which is quite possibly the kindest he has ever encountered.

He starts to desire staying in one place and building a home- things that he can’t and shouldn’t have because he is a defective omega, much more a rogue one.

With only fourteen days allowed for him to stay, will he be able to pick himself up and leave? Or will he give in and give up the life that he was used to have?

Weston became the Head Alpha at an early age. One day, a wounded rogue is brought to his pack. He is furious and skeptical.

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Nonetheless, he still allowed the rogue to rest in his territory for two weeks before making him leave.

But upon knowing Millan, he starts to feel things that he shouldn’t feel, not towards a rogue anyway. With only fourteen days, will he be able to get past his hatred towards rogues and change his mind?

Or will he chase him away? Two people. One grew up being loved. One grew up being abused. Is fourteen days enough to change their lives forever?

Fourteen Days To Forever Novel by Addie Bell
Fourteen Days To Forever Novel by Addie Bell

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