Fragments of my Mate 

Theovin, a Dragon King spirit, has been hopping between realms in search of his soul partners.
The dragon king cannot govern because, without his mate, his essence is incomplete.
He never would have imagined himself in the position of finding his mate.

Read Fragments of My Mate 
Fragments of My Mate 

When she began to crave his Dragon’s King blood, which would have killed a normal human and even a younger dragon, he assumed she was a typical human. Nevertheless, she was unaffected.
Then, Gold Song, the dragon soul of his lover Rosey, felt that Rosey’s soul was incomplete and that without it, she would wither and not live long. To locate the piece of Rosey, he travels through several universes with Ralph, his right-hand man. Follow him on this exciting quest as he encounters demons from the demon realm and locates Rosey’s four fragments.
The crucial query is: Who or what is his friend Rosey?
a human, an angel, a vampire, and a demon. Discover in this book.

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