Free Fall (Pyramid of Gold) by Guiltythree

Free Fall (Pyramid of Gold) by Guiltythree is a thrilling sci-fi novel that takes readers on a wild ride through a world of genetically-altered people known as wraiths. 


Summary of Free Fall (Pyramid of Gold)

The plot revolves around Matthew, a wraith with incredible abilities that make him a target for those who fear and envy him. To survive and remain hidden from those who want to control or harm him, Matthew must use his cunning.

As Matthew struggles to make sense of his dangerous surroundings, he meets a girl who invites him to join her rock band. Despite the dangers, Matthew is drawn to the girl and her music. 

However, as they grow closer, Matthew realizes that he may not be able to keep his powers hidden indefinitely.

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Free Fall (Pyramid of Gold) by Guiltythree
Free Fall (Pyramid of Gold) by Guiltythree

Guiltythree has created an engrossing world full of intriguing characters that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The story explores themes of power, control, and the cost of liberty, making it a must-read.

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