Friends With The Player Novel by Courtney Radford

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Friends With The Player Novel Summary.

“Don’t talk to my best friend you complete and utter ass hole” I say walking over to him. I heard a deep chuckle beside me and I looked to see Sebastian Evans.

“Feisty.. I like it” he winks and I snort, which was very un-lady like but I could care less. “Yeah and this feisty one is going to kick your best friends ass!” I exclaimed and we, no doubt, had all the attention on us.

“Woah. Sorry cutie pie but I can’t let you do that”he says and I would’ve blushed at the nickname if I wasn’t so angry. Sebastian Evans and Bailey Richard gets closer and closer after Sebastian best friends start dating Bailey’s best friends.

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Jealously and trust are big things in relationships… so can they earn each others trust?.

Friends With The Player Novel by Courtney Radford
Friends With The Player Novel by Courtney Radford

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