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FTA: Full-time Artist Novel

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FTA: Full-time Artist Novel Summary

In the world of artistic mastery, Lin Yuan stands as an enigmatic figure, a virtuoso in realms untold. When interviewed about his expertise, the questions lingered like a silent melody.

“Do you know all of them?” the interviewer inquired, probing the depths of Lin Yuan’s artistry.

“I have a bit of knowledge about them,” Lin Yuan responded, his humility shrouded in mystery.

“You mean you’re proficient in all of them?” the interviewer pressed further.

“Well, I’m proficient in them to some extent,” Lin Yuan confessed, a subtle smile hinting at his vast horizons.

With a system in hand, Lin Yuan embarks on a remarkable journey, a quest to conquer the world through art’s myriad forms. As his talents weave together, he becomes the uncrowned king, adored and revered by people from all walks of life. This is a tale of artistic triumph, where the boundaries of human potential are pushed beyond the ordinary, and creativity reigns supreme.

FTA: Full-time Artist Novel
FTA: Full-time Artist Novel

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