Game Of Love Novel by Noorie

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Game Of Love Novel Summary.

Bella, an introvert girl, has everything any girl could wish for. She married her university sweetheart Aryan who treats her like a princess.

All their friends envy their love as they all know the journey of their life from being the perfect lovers to the perfect partners.

Ayush Mehra, a well-known CEO, has a wife every CEO wants, a woman who is not an idle girl, and neither is she a gold digger.

Akshita is a beautiful and independent lady who understands her husband and his workload more than any woman could.

They have such a perfect life with their partner, then what made them stuck together in a dark world called BDSM? “ Ayush!! I,

I think, we should stop it now, it’s… It’s not right, ” Bella begged “ No, ” he replied sternly, “ Why? ”

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“ Because.. ” he paused as he chewed her earlobes, “ Roses are red, the sky is Blue… Sex is boring when not doing with you, ”

Game Of Love Novel by Noorie
Game Of Love Novel by Noorie

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