Gene Evolution: Monster Simulator Novel

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Gene Evolution: Monster Simulator Novel Summary

Millions of people around the world were transferred to the world of “Planetary Ascension” Everyone had the opportunity to be awakeners and ascend the limits of being humans.

They hunt monsters, eat them and get the energy points from them which make them strong, for achieving this they must learn the ancient fighting arts that were hidden by governments before because without energy points gained by eating monsters meat in this world, performing these martial arts were out of questions.

In this world of beasts, beast souls are most precious resources because it allow the humans to have the weapons or defensive equipments made out of it, which help them in fights with beasts.

However, Arc discovered that he could actually see the option of simulation in his status screen which was not available for other people from what information he got to know so far.

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When the other people were still trying to hunt monsters , Behind Arc was gaining experience in simulations and getting good rewards out of those simulation that helped him a lot.

Gene Evolution: Monster Simulator Novel
Gene Evolution: Monster Simulator Novel

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