Give Love A Try Novel by Daniel Grace

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Give Love A Try Novel Summary.

After experiencing love for the first time with Theodore MJ Jones who never believed in happy ending but unexpectedly fell in love but fate striked taking the one thing he loved which left him disoriented.

James Martinez was heartbroken and gave up on love and his career. Until Elizabeth Salvador a writer and college student chanced upon him and fell in love at first sight, breaking the walls he created slowly.

But will fate play another cruel trick on him again or is there truly a happy ending?. “What are you doing?” he asked the shy girl “Umm I think you have something on your dress” Liza stretched her hands and touched his chest.

“Your heart is beating fast” she said mischievously. He looked into her eyes feeling helpless. What should he do with this hardheaded mischievous girl?.

Give Love A Try Novel by Daniel Grace
Give Love A Try Novel by Daniel Grace

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