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Glance Novel Summary

In ‘Glance,’ love and fate collide in a story of second chances.

Follow Zavier, a man scarred by betrayal, as he finds unexpected love with Tessa.

But Tessa’s heart is divided between the man who saved her and her departed best friend.

In this emotional rollercoaster, ‘Glance’ explores the power of forgiveness, redemption, and the unbreakable bonds of the heart.

Dive into a tale of love’s twists and turns that will keep you turning pages until the very end

On a misty, moonlit night, Zavier found himself on the edge of destiny.

Beneath the canopy of stars, he stood overlooking a tranquil lake, its waters mirroring the shimmering night sky.

In that serenity, his thoughts were consumed by one memory—a single glance.

It was the glance that had ignited a fire in his heart, the moment he met Tessa.

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In that gaze, he found not just a reflection of his longing but also a promise of a love deeper than any he had known.

Little did he realize that this glance would become the first chapter of a love story written in the language of whispered secrets and stolen kisses.

As he breathed in the fragrant night air, Zavier made a vow to himself—to cherish and protect this love, to build a life with Tessa that would forever be a testament to the power of that one enchanting glance.

Glance Novel
Glance Novel

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