Global Job Change: Starting With The Hidden Job, Lord Of The Death

All over the world, mutations took place, and a demonic apocalypse quickly descended.
Humans quickly transitioned into a globalized digital age in order to defend against demonic beings. Once they turned 18, everyone would be able to select between a fighting or a supporting job through awakening. Slaying demons would make these people stronger.
Lu Yan had awoken as a Necromancer, the least powerful occupation. He had, however, also been given a Job Supporting System, which allowed him to reawaken into the hidden position of Lord of the Death.

“Necromancers are so weak that they die in one hit!”
“Man, that dude’s luck is just the worst. He did get a fighting job, but it’s the weakest. What can he do? Summon a few skeletons?”
“Also, aren’t there only like a handful of Necromancers out there? There aren’t a lot of experience or resources for them to inherit. Their future seems bleak.”
“Forget Necromancers! I got the Holy Knight job! Your all-around king is here!”
Soon after, Lu Yan emerged, armed with the Death Soul Scythe, a full set of Death Nether Armor, and in charge of a 100,000-man death army. He cut the legendary rank demonic beast in half with a single swing of his scythe.
Are necromancers frail? I am the Lord of Death, what does that have to do with me?

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