God of Lust (GoL) 

In the World of Zephyrus, parents can take their newborn child to the Church as soon as possible to have its Classes determined—a privilege primarily employed by noblemen.

Dante Leone was born as the Marquis Phinias Leone’s son in the Human Kingdom of Idiom.

His mother, a barbarian from the northern countries, passed away shortly after he was born from problems related to labor, and days later, Phinias brought his son to the church to have his Class revealed.

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Dante’s class is Priest, which is rather rare considering that his mother was a Berserker and his father was a Swordsman.

God of Lust (GoL) 
God of Lust (GoL) 

Nevertheless, despite the fact that his first wife and his two children (older brothers) hated him, Dante was adored by his father.

The future God of Lust will be born with a Special Ability that no one is aware of, and it will be in this delightful familial environment that he will manifest.

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