Magical Realism

God of Money by Sokin

God of Money is a novel written by Sokin, and it is categorized under magical realism. The novel comprises 203 chapters and has already been completed. 


Summary of God of Money 

The central question of the book is whether money really is everything. Kim Jaemin, the main character, had a challenging life full of regrets. He is determined to become the “God of Money” after being given a second chance at life after passing away, though. With the knowledge of his previous life, he is reborn in the body of his younger self and uses it to his advantage to amass wealth and power.

As the story progresses, we see Jaemin grow into a money-making machine, using every opportunity to increase his wealth and social status. He climbs the corporate ladder, starting from the bottom, and manipulates his way to the top. He also makes connections with powerful and wealthy people, always seeking ways to increase his income and status.

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God of Money by Sokin
God of Money by Sokin

The main subject of the narrative is Jaemin’s obsession with money and how it affects him personally. The book is engaging to read because the author skillfully blends humor, drama, and social commentary to depict the protagonist’s journey.

A thought-provoking and entertaining book, God of Money presents a distinctive viewpoint on the importance of money in life. It is a fun book to read because the characters are well-written and the plot is interesting.

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