Gojo Kazumi in MHA Novel

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Gojo Kazumi in MHA Novel Summary

In Jujutsu Kaisen, there was someone else besides Gojo Satoru that was called, “The Strongest.”

And that was Gojo Satoru’s twin sister, Gojo Kazumi.

Although everybody knows Gojo Satoru, only a few people knew his twin sister, she was known as, “The Boundary.” When the people that knew her would say her name, they would feel shivers down their spine, even her twin brother.

She was called “The Boundary” because she holds the balance of the Cursed Spirit and the Sorcerer World. The difference between her and her brother is that he holds the balance between cursed spirits and sorcerers, not the world.

Although Gojo Satoru is the strongest and was called the strongest, Gojo Kazumi holds the barrier from the strongest to become stronger. Like someone who maxed out and she’s there to make it, so they won’t become stronger, she was the barrier.

Gojo Kazumi in MHA Novel
Gojo Kazumi in MHA Novel

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