Good Hunter Novel

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Good Hunter Novel Summary

There once was a man who lived in a tribe. His nickname was ‘Talentless Monkey’ because he was not able to do anything other than climb trees. His parents were extremely ashamed and claimed he was not their son. 

His name was Bandar or as he always heard everyone call him. Bandar did not know his name as his parents were not around to tell him. 

One day Bandar decided to improve his skills. 

He went to the ruler of the tribe and said “O ruler, may you please teach me everything I need to know.” The ruler asked him “What may I teach you? What’s there to teach and for you to learn?” He asked in a confused tone. 

” Since I was born I wasn’t able to do simple things like 

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cooking, hunting, helping to get food, etc. I was always called out for being different and useless. Today I come here to you, to learn the ways of Life.” Said Bandar in a respectful manner. 

The ruler replied “At 2 o’clock on the Field of War. Will you?” 

Bandar nodded happily and left in excitement thinking he would finally be useful and would learn something new.

Good Hunter Novel
Good Hunter Novel

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