GoT: Giant Falcon Novel

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GoT: Giant Falcon Novel Summary

Once in a century event on earth leads to the soul of a formidable Doctor (in making) reincarnating into the heart of Westeros. A land steeped in honor, tradition, and treachery. But this time, destiny takes an unexpected turn. The soul that awakens belongs not to a noble knight or a chivalrous lord, but to a man forged in the crucible of ice and fire.

In “Giant Falcon” the game of thrones takes a chilling turn. The most honorable house becomes the harbinger of change, and the echoes of Altair’s bloody footsteps reverberate through the annals of Westeros

FYI MC not a good person, period.

Huge R18 Warning

R*pe In*est G*re Tor*ure and Lemons…..honestly don’t read if you have a soft stomach. slight time adjustment

GoT: Giant Falcon Novel
GoT: Giant Falcon Novel

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