Grand Ancestral Bloodlines

Grand Ancestral Bloodlines by Awespec is a martial arts novel with over 1,000 chapters. 

Summary of Grand Ancestral Bloodlines

Ryu, the protagonist of the story, is born with Lightning Qilin, Fire Dragon, Ice Phoenix, and Fire Phoenix. He also has Ancestral Grade Bone Structure, Meridians, Ice Jade Crystal Bones, Chaotic Silk Meridians, and First Ranked Heavenly Pupils.

Despite these gifts, Ryu is born with a False Spiritual Foundation, rendering all of his abilities useless. Ryu, on the other hand, is determined to seize control of his destiny and achieve greatness. He embarks on an unimaginable journey to gain the approval of the Sky God’s Spiritual Foundation, the greatest natural treasure in existence.

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Grand Ancestral Bloodlines by Awespec
Grand Ancestral Bloodlines by Awespec

Throughout the novel, Ryu faces numerous challenges and obstacles, including battles with other martial artists and navigating the martial arts world’s complex hierarchy. The book also delves into themes of power, destiny, and sacrifice, as Ryu struggles to reconcile his desire for greatness with the sacrifices required to achieve it.

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The book is an epic martial arts novel with complex themes and a richly detailed world full of interesting characters and intricate plotlines. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys epic adventure stories and fans of the genre.

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