Grey’s Alpha Novel by Aubrey Pepper

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Grey’s Alpha Novel Summary.

“Pig,” I muttered under my breath. He took a deep pull of his pipe and breathed out. Even though his manner was easy, I could see something dangerous flash in his eyes. “Now, now.

There’s no need for names. Once we get to know each other better, I’m sure you’ll find me quite irresistible. They all do.” He patted his lap, and he was back to his languid self.

“Here. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable? I’m told I make a very pleasant seating arrangement. Careful, I might poke you in the middle.”

Clara Grey is a cursed werewolf. Her parents betrayed the Moonstone Pack and were killed when she was a child. Now she has nothing to look forward to in life except for being bullied by the horrible members of her pack.

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However, everything changes when vampires attack her city, and she meets the mysterious, but terrifyingly handsome Prince Deanneth of the Dark Shade pack.

Not everything is as it seems with Prince Deanneth. He is a dark, twisted werewolf with a desire to possess Clara’s heart, soul, and mind.

Clara Grey must not only battle the newly arisen threat of the Greater Vampires, but also the cruel manipulations of her new Alpha Deanneth Legiere. Daily Update. This is NOT a story for faint-hearted.

This is a story about dark hierarchical werewolf society, including explicit sexual content, violence, abuse, trauma and strong language.

Definitely not suitable for readers who get triggered by these topics. Please read at your own risk.

Grey's Alpha Novel by Aubrey Pepper
Grey’s Alpha Novel by Aubrey Pepper

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