Guhin Novel

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Guhin Novel Summary

In a time when magic coursed through the veins of the world before the mechanical heartbeat of technology began, there existed a realm of kings and queens, sorcery, and grand beasts. This is where our tale unfolds, in the ancient, mystical continent of Valherya.

Here, a young man wanders, a solitary figure amidst the vast, rocky plains. His past is a blank canvas, his memory a closed book. His only clues to his identity: are the myriad scars that mark his body and a golden amulet, hanging heavily around his neck, whispering secrets he cannot grasp.

Beside him always is Fukujin, a crow of enigmatic origin, whose watchful eyes have observed him since the moment he awoke in this unknown land. This crow, neither entirely ordinary nor wholly magical, has become his sole companion in a journey shrouded in mystery. Together, they seek the truth of his past, navigating a world where every step could be a revelation or a trap.

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But their quest is shadowed by danger. A relentless band of hunters, members of a shadowy organization, are on his trail. These hunters, with motives as obscure as his own identity, seem desperate to silence him, to erase him from the pages of history.

Who is this young man lost in a world he does not remember? Why does his very existence threaten forces both seen and unseen? As his journey unfolds, so too will the secrets of Valherya, where every whisper in the wind and rustle in the shadows tells a story.

Dive into a world where the line between myth and reality blurs, where every step is a dance with destiny, and where the truth might be stranger than any forgotten memory. The relentless pursuit of one’s true self, but this is not just a quest for identity; it’s a journey into the heart of magic itself.

Guhin Novel
Guhin Novel

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