Harry Potter’s Chaotic Twin Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Harry Potter’s Chaotic Twin Novel.


Harry Potter’s Chaotic Twin Novel Summary

What if Harry had a twin sister? What if she took a blow to the head from the Dursley’s and ended up not quite right? What if the girl just wants to have fun? What if all of her magic was controlled only by her power, and her imagination? And what if she knew the glory, the magnificence, and holiness of… EXPLOSIONS!!!

Honestly not sure where the story is gonna go, but for now I’ll simply follow canon as I twist it around with little Misha.

It’s a slow burn story instead of a conflagration.

(While it’s tagged villain, Misha is a chaotic-neutral entity. Sometimes she’s good, others she’s evil.)
I update once a week at the start of the week.

If I decide to drop or go on hiatus, I’ll make sure to mention it beforehand.

Harry Potter's Chaotic Twin Novel
Harry Potter’s Chaotic Twin Novel

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