HAUNTED BY TRAGEDY Novel by Jarrisson Galeano

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, HAUNTED BY TRAGEDY by Jarrisson Galeano.


Ximena, a 22-year-old Colombian student majoring in psychology. Sexy, passionate, courageous, strong-minded and independent.

She was forced to marry due to commitments of her adoptive parents, with a young millionaire named Angelo, who secretly was the heir of a powerful Sicilian mafia.

Who despises her saying that she was a freeloader, this tense situation caused her to ask for a divorce and return to her native country to recover the business of her biological parents who died in an apparent accident.

She meets a lot of opposition from her uncle who took over the companies and cannot bear to give them to her, by chance she meets her ex-husband again without recognizing each other.

They fall madly in love, supporting each other in their problems and fighting together against their enemies until they discover their secrets.

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Separating again, hating each other, but wanting to be together, only a miracle can bring them together again, will it happen? Dive into this exciting story, and you will discover this and other secrets.

HAUNTED BY TRAGEDY Novel by Jarrisson Galeano
HAUNTED BY TRAGEDY Novel by Jarrisson Galeano

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