He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband Novel by ForeverPupa

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He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband Novel Summary.

“That baby is mine, and so are you,” He declared, pointing at Kate’s belly while his deep green eyes gazed at Kate, like a viper ready to strike.

Kate couldn’t believe that he– Henry Grant, her new boss eight years younger than her, was the father of her unborn child. “We should be together by default.

But I will give you a choice. Go and suffer with your deadbeat husband, or come with me, I will show you the fun you’ve missed.”

For the past five years of her marriage, Katherine “Kate” Woods, 32, had always believed she was infertile.

She was unable to conceive a child and her deadbeat husband Matt always insulted her for it, calling her a useless woman despite never finding a job himself,


forcing Kate to be the sole breadwinner of their family. Yet, he still had the nerve to cheat on her with her own sister! Heartbroken, Kate escaped to her office late at night with four bottles of strong red wine.

To her surprise, she wasn’t alone. A handsome young man stood in her office, watching her. He refused to give her his name, but offered to keep her company for the night.

With lust and booze coursing through her veins, Kate readily abandoned herself to her basest, most repressed instincts, seducing the nameless but willing visitor.

In her drunken stupor, she boldly declared, “If my husband wants to sleep with every woman on earth, then two can play that game.” She didn’t care if they did it raw, as she always thought she was barren.

Only to find herself staring at a positive pregnancy test a month later. Kate Woods, the supposedly ‘barren woman,’ was pregnant.

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The stranger had accomplished in one night what Matt could not in five years. – Now that Henry has given her a choice,

would Kate leave her deadbeat husband and jump into the sea of uncertainty with this young man? Or would she stay with Matt, her husband who cheated on her for the sake of their families?

He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband Novel by ForeverPupa
He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband Novel by ForeverPupa

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