Healing the billionaire’s heart Novel by Bebo Elnadi

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Healing the billionaire’s heart Novel Summary.

They say a single moment can change your entire life. A decision taken in the heat of the moment might cause you pain, sadness, or even make you fall in love.

In conclusion, you must be careful with your impulsive actions. And this is what happened to Willow and how her story began. Willow is an orphan girl who works as a cook in a restaurant; one day on her way to work she saved a little girl who keeps calling her mama.

Elijah watched the scene scared as the demons of the past choked him reminding him of the time when his wife died right in front of him but then his world shook when his daughter spoke for the first time in three years.

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He decided to take the woman who saved his daughter back home with him but then his life changed entirely.

Love, fear, self loathing and pain were the real MCs of this story where Willow and Elijah had to fight their feelings and their demons in order not to lose themselves to the pain.

Healing the billionaire's heart Novel by Bebo Elnadi
Healing the billionaire’s heart Novel by Bebo Elnadi

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