Hellbound Alpha Novel by Yukides

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Hellbound Alpha Novel Summary.

The greatest war in history of werewolves, humans and vampires alike. Savior Half-Phoenix Laura should behead her mate,

the King of Werewolves Lucien for the sake of humanity, on a condition that vampires will cease their attacks on humans every night.

But Lucien was a tough match for her, he is a mutated alpha werewolf. “A monster like you should be beheaded for the sake of our race.

Accept your defeat and let me behead you, Lucien.” The King of Werewolves stared at his mate, crying tears of blood under the rain.

“I told you…To not call me…A MONSTER!” And their great, decisive battle began. Two lovers were put up against each other. Her purpose was to save humanity.

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His purpose was to save Werewolves from going extinct. Will it be love? Or Will it be her sacrifice? Story of betrayal.

the Mutated Alpha King Lucien and his mate, the Phoenix-human Laura.

Hellbound Alpha Novel by Yukides
Hellbound Alpha Novel by Yukides

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