Hello, My CEO Ex-husband Novel by Sisi Qingwang

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Hello, My CEO Ex-husband Novel Summary.

Three years ago, a once-proud relationship had turned sour. Her love had betrayed her and the public drama became too much. She was determined to leave her beloved and all that he was associated with.

The divorce was finalized and she was ruthlessly cut off from the love that once gave her life. Heartbroken, she shed endless tears. She watched as this man showed no hint of emotion.

Was it even love? Three years had passed, and she returned as a new woman. She looked at him with a smile.”Hello, my dear ex-husband.” He lusted after his ex-wife like a dog to a bone.

However, it wasn’t going to be an easy task. The competition was fierce for such a prized woman.

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband Novel by Sisi Qingwang
Hello, My CEO Ex-husband Novel by Sisi Qingwang

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